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  • Are fad diets making you HANGRY?

    Do you know whether your weight is normal, obese, or underweight? Here’s a quick BMI calculator for you. If you’re at risk of obesity, you’re not alone. There are many efforts to curb the spread of obesity. The government has obliged restaurants to tell us how many calories we’re ingesting and has taxed sweet food. Magazines have filled their pages with quick diets, promising “Two Days to Lose 2 Kg.s” However, oftentimes, our efforts to eat half a cucumber for a whole day makes us hungry and angry: HANGRY Nutritionist Fatima, at ALJ Hospital weighs in: when we don’t eat for a long time, our body goes into “starvation mode,” stress hormones are released; our brain’s lack of nutrients worsens our concentration; we even find it more difficult to adhere to social norms. That’s why we preach for a more holistic approach to healthy weight. AbdulLatif Jameel Hospital knows that the journey to health takes time and patience. We know it’s hard to find easy and healthy recipes for you to get started on your journey, so we’ve partnered up with local Chefs who will each provide you with one healthy recipe for you to try ! Mohammad Zaki Aldahabi & Mishal Islam Haya Rifai Loulwa Mkhaiche Hussein Alshatarat Serene Alafifi Reem Bawazeer Indulge Thyself Jet Set Eat Sedrajundi Vote for your favorite recipe by liking it on our Instagram. The winner will receive a physiotherapy session to ease their aches. Last day to vote: World Obesity Day - Sun 7th March, 2021 Recent studies, including the one conducted by Hruby A, show that obesity requires professional assistance because it is not only food-based, but it can be caused by biology, socio-economic background, or lifestyle. If you need to consult with a professional, reach out to us to speak with an internist or a nutritionist.


    You've clicked here and we can feel your love towards your parents. You want to keep them safe and social distance but you’re not ready for that to take a toll on their mental health. In honor of mental health awareness week, we have a few suggestions on how to cheer your parents up for each day of this week: Watch your parents’ favorite movie Get ready to be told that: “They don’t make movies like this anymore!” Enjoy the laughter; relish the comments; take delight in your mom gushing on how handsome Rushdi Abaza is in every scene. Even if you’re not keen to watch classics, consider it an education, and a great way to get closer to your loved one. Don’t know where to go past netflix? Here are a few movie suggestions to get you started. Dig out the secret family recipes Start rolling the Warag Enab [grape leaves]; get the meat out the freezer; sharpen your knives. Get ready to make your mamma proud, or get kicked out the kitchen. Either way, your efforts will be appreciated. Tarab radio and gossip Put the coffee on the stove, skip the sugar, blast Fairouz and get ready for laughs. When we say “gossip” we mean, a light hearted chat where you’ll get the best stories out of your parents: “Seedo how did you meet Sitto?” Or “Seedo, what life advice would you give me?” First, you’ll get inspired, and foremost, it’s an awesome conversation starter. A socially distanced Friday lunch Human connection is so important! Your parents and grandparents miss you, and we encourage you to reach out but we beg you to keep them safe! This is your chance to exercise social distancing rules or maybe just teach your grandma how to use the ipad you bought her three years ago that’s still in its box. Game night Get your George Qerdahi suit on and the trivia game going, or just keep it old school with Keeram and balloot. You may not win a million Riyals, but aren’t their laughs worth a more? Tatreez, crochet, or any craft you can help your mom with. Your mom may not be able to put the thread through the needle, or hold the crochet hook right, but you are here to help her and learn from her. Some studies suggest that crafts and creative projects help protect an elders memory, so this project is not only fun it is a great way to take care of an elder’s wellbeing. Read out loud Even if you don’t have the skilled storytelling abilities of Shahrazad, there is nothing wrong with reading stories out loud with your family. If in doubt, get your dad to start and I promise you his nostalgia will take on the narration for you. If you would like to hear more advice or tips, follow us on Instagram, and read more blog posts here. Please remember that if you are struggling to put a smile on your parents faces, maybe it’s time to call a professional for help. You can also call us on 012 6770001 and we will find a way to help you

  • HAPPINESS! – The results are in: here is what the research tells us. By: Tamara Gazzaz

    HAPPINESS! The results are in: here is what the research tells us. By: Tamara Gazzaz Is there anything more beautiful than a smile and the true joy that radiates within? Have you ever wondered how such joy affects you? Well, according to research, happy people are more accomplished and have fulfilling careers. Dr Barbara Fredriksson explains: positive emotions open our minds just like certain types of lilies, which open when the light shines, and closes when darkness descends. With positive emotions we are open to positive experiences; we find the opportunities and we become more creative, and we grow smarter. According to Dr. David Myers, author of Pursuit of Happiness, happy people tend to have 8 qualities in common. Are optimistic: They are energized; they are more empathetic to people’s problems; they rationalize events and give people the benefit of doubt rather than be quick to blame them. Love themselves: They mind their business, they don't judge, yet they are sociable and friendly. Build relationships: They surround themselves with positive and encouraging people Are spiritual: It is their system to add meaning and vitality to life’s experiences. Have a balanced life: They know when to work, when to relax, and the right ratio to find peace within. Are creative: They are good at problem solving and keep producing new ideas and learning new things. Have personal control: They hold themselves accountable for their own actions. Are kinder: They think of others more than they think of themselves. They spread happiness with their actions and help others even with small actions. To get you in the habit, we’re sharing your submissions for what you’re grateful for everyday for 14 days on our IG account. Join and support our happiness community. Happiness is a choice, and that choice can just mean choosing to speak up and ask for help. If you ever feel like you no longer find joy in basic things, talk to a trained professional, and let us support you on your journey to happiness. Meet the team and book an appointment now, by Calling us on +966126770001 Ext. 4107, Whatsapping us on: +966 54 188 6991 or book using the patient portal. About the author: Meet Tamara A Gazzaz Tamara has been working to make the world a happier place since 2004. She obtained a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and the Psychology of Coaching from University of East London, and she is an accredited NLP master practitioner and earned a diploma in Transformational Coaching. Ms. Gazzaz gained experience working and researching her craft in several schools and institutes in the United Kingdom, Japan, United States and Saudi Arabia, where she worked to transform women’s lives for the better. She also volunteered with underprivileged elders and children in the UK. Ms Gazzaz is now working on a project to empower 1000 women to let go of their past: self beliefs, negative thoughts, pain to create a life they desire… a life of happiness. LET US HEAR FROM YOU! What you would like to read? What expert advice would you like to hear? We have a fleet of experts to help answer your health questions, or to make your collaboration wish list come to life. #happiness #research #tamaragazzaz #truejoy

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    BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Appointment Desk: 0126770001 Whatsapp : +966541886991 Online Booking : Patient Portal Email us Submit Thanks for submitting! Please leave this field empty. Successful Done MEDIA & COLLABORATION Media & Collaboration For press & media inquiries: , ​ For collaboration inquiries: , If you are interested in becoming a member of Jameel Hospital community, check our for job openings or sign up below to join our career mailing list. page LinkedIn OPEN POSITIONS Apply Now Thanks for submitting! Please leave this field empty. JOBS Volunteering and caring for patients is one of the greatest things you can do to your community, and what could be more joyful than making a smile on the faces of the elderly and athletes? Sign up now to be a volunteer at Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital and to have a greater opportunity for a rewarding experience in internship placement and come into contact with doctors, nurses, and many other health professionals. ​ Email for internship: ​ ​ Fill out the form for volunteering. ​ Volunteer f orm VOLUNTEER & INTERNSHIP Volunteer and Internships LEAVE US A COMPLIMENT / SUGGESTION Relation to ALJH Patient Carer Visitor Employee Volunteer Other arrow&v Submit Thanks for submitting! Please leave this field empty. Compliments and Suggestions We love hearing from you ! It is important to know when we get things right so we can maintain our standards and to know your suggestions so we can make them a reality. Complaint Hotline Thank you for choosing ALJH and we are sorry if you are unhappy with any of our services. Please share your thoughts with our team and we will work hard to deliver the best experience. ​ Speak to/Whatsapp the Patient Relations’ Officer +966566099540 COMPLAINT HOTLINE Complaints COMPLAINTS Relation to ALJH Patient Carer Visitor Employee Volunteer Other arrow&v Submit Thanks for submitting! Please leave this field empty. OUR LOCATION Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Road, Al-Safa, Jeddah 23341 Location on map OUR LOCATION CONNECT WITH ABDULLATIF JAMEEL COMMUNITY Community Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Website

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    Home Care We are working on bringing this to you soon.

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