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There are 206 bones in your body, and we are prepared to help you maintain the health of them all! At ALJH, we excel in rehabilitation care and service. Our orthopedic clinic supplements our rehabilitation needs, as well as welcomes patients from all walks of life who need support for their bone and joint health. Whether you are struggling from joint or back pain, or dealing with broken bones, our team is there to guide you through your recovery process

Sticks and stones may break your bones, 

but we are right here to fix them!

Orthopedics Clinic

Our in clinic services include, but not limited to:

Pain Management

Spinal cord injury

and recovery

Localized Injection

Spinal disc gel injection

Stem cell transplant

and injection

In-clinic surgical

procedures under

local anaesthesia

Fracture repair using medical gypsum/ orthopedic cast

Plasma shots



for infants 


Our telehealth services include:

Pain Management

Muscle strengthening 

General Management

Weight management for bone health

Meet your doctor:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? For inquiries & booking:

         Tel. 6770001 Ext. 2110

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