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Our story and timeline

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After a lifetime of successfully founding and managing AbdulLateef Jameel Co., chairman AbdulLatif Jameel (ALJ) had a debilitating stroke, which heavily affected his movement. In the absence of proper rehabilitation care in Jeddah, ALJ ventured off with his family and his personal nurse, Nurse Ahmed Suleiman, to London, Germany, and Switzerland, seeking out the best rehabilitation services.



Upon his return to his beloved Jeddah, ALJ was seeking a communal space where he and his elderly friends can engage in healthy activities in a safe and controlled environment. Unable to find any, he became determined to establish a wellbeing center for the elderly that was available and accessible for all, despite social background. He envisioned a place that centered quality of life at the core of its rehabilitation practice; one that prioritizes accessibility, without compromising quality. With these values in mind, ALJ set out to realize his dream, planning a non-profit hospital that also works with ALJ Zakat Charity Desk, to ensure low income patients fair access to healthcare.



ALJ started recruiting a team for the elderly home




ALJ bought the land for the elderly home, and set out planning a conscious design for the home: A one story building overlooking blooming gardens, ensuring ease of movement and ease of mind. Before realizing his vision, ALJ passes away. However, his children made sure to make his dream a reality. In honor of their father’s passing, the Jameel family transformed ALJ’s humble dream of an elderly home into a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center.



ALJ Rehabilitation Center is officially opened and inaugurated under the stewardship of Prince Majid bin Abdul Aziz
As ALJ Rehabilitation Center grew and thrived, so did the medical needs of its inpatients, who often made the center their home for months or years on end. In response, the center expanded to include multiple clinics, catering for the medical needs of its residents

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With the success the Center garnered, patients from all walks of life seeking rehabilitation or treatment entrusted ALJ center with their care. While it previously catered to the rehabilitation needs of its in-patients, ALJ expanded to become a hospital for all! 

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Today ALJ’s early values which center quality of life and accessibility still live on, built into the very foundation of the hospital. This is ensured by his family and legacy, including the shareholders: ALJ’s daughter Najia Jameel, and his grandson Aladin Hamzah. You can also spot ALJ’s personal nurse, “Am Ahmed” presently coming to work in the administration.

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