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Pediatric Clinic

Our Pediatric Clinic believes that good health starts at day one. Our team strives for prevention as the best medication and that’s why we’ll be by your side, from the first steps to 15 years of age.

Led by our enthusiastic specialists and our team of dedicated nurses, our pediatric clinic is also the first stop on your child’s rehabilitation journey. Whether you are seeking physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, or speech and language therapy, our dedicated specialist will offer a thorough evaluation and routine analysis of your child’s rehabilitation needs. Through fostering a warm familial environment, our team prioritises children’s comfort and happiness - holding their hand while striving for the best quality care.

“Kid, you’ll move mountains” - Dr. Suess

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

All cases of pediatric rehabilitation



Speech and Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Monitoring and treating newborns:

Vaccines complying to Saudi national system and international regulations.

Weight monitoring and treating premature babies.

Treating all scalp related problems like alopecia.

Treating acne and acne scarring.

Early diagnosis and intervention for mental, physical and speech developments, including: - Any heart diseases, through echocardiography and monitoring - infectious diseases both viral and bacterial - Metabolic diseases - Endocrine diseases.

Monitoring and treating respiratory diseases in children, including allergies, asthma, lung diseases and infection.

Monitoring and treating diseases relating to the digestive systems

Meet your doctor:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? For inquiries & booking:

         Tel. 6770001 Ext. 2110

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