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Why choose ALJH

As our country grows and changes, so do our patients’ needs. There has been a sharp rise in sports and fitness, accompanied with increasing awareness on the value of holistic health beyond solely relying on traditional medical definitions. ALJH’s treatment encourages lifestyle changes that support long-term health rather than turning simply to “quick fixes”—both decreasing healthcare spending and avoiding unnecessary surgeries. ALJH recognizes that quality of life is just as important a metric as quantity of life; we dedicate ourselves to directing individuals towards achieving an independent and fulfilling life.


"He [AbdulLatif Jameel] didn't let anyone leave without solving their problem, he was wise when treating people. When he'd get upset with me, he would just advise me 'may God guide you'. I would tell him: 'you worked on projects all over the world; America, Egypt, Britain, and I would just like to know how?' He told me: 'honesty and trustworthiness’. We were traveling to France, Switzerland and Britain, then he told me: 'why not start an elderly home and we can go there ourselves?' All he cared about was development; he was tired thinking about it.”


Amm Ahmad, 

Shaikh AbdulLatif Jameel's Personal Nurse, and current ALJH nurse.

Accessible Wellness to All

The ALJ Group always seeks sustainable ways to make necessary services, like healthcare, accessible to all. That’s why ALJ Hospital has chosen not to be a charity organization but rather a non-profit linked to the ALJ Charity Desk. 


This means that patients who can afford treatment pay for themselves, enabling the hospital to invest in the best technology and caregivers available. Whereas, any patient who can provide documentation to support that they are unable to cover expenses, are redirected to the ALJ Charity Desk to possibly cover treatment costs. Some patients may also be linked with volunteers and sponsors with the help of the social work department. 

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