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Dietary  Services


Whether it’s peanut butter, Hummus, or Molokhiya that you crave, our dieticians are here to listen to your favorite foods and incorporate them into your diet, all the while helping you reach your dietary goals alongside your physician. Our team believes in the power of food in transforming your health and wellbeing. By approaching health holistically, our team promotes a healthy relationship with food as a mode of healing, during your stay at ALJH.

Dieticians will personalize your meals according to your age, gender, activity level, and health background. They’ll come up with solutions to substitute your unhealthy cravings, and help you build nutritious and sustainable habits. They’ll teach you creative recipes you can enjoy for a lifetime.


The main services provided include:

  • Discuss your main health goals with your physician, whether they’re medical or cosmetic

  • Develop creative, personalized food plans that keep your preferences in mind

  • Supervise the preparation of food to ensure that meals are prepared according to the prescribed diet

  • Answer your questions on your unhealthy habits and teach you ways to break them

  • Provide you with the motivation and support to build a healthy relationship with food, all the while, emphasizing the importance of daily exercise and mental health.

  • Discuss ways your carer and family can help you maintain a balanced diet after your stay with ALJH

To learn more about the inpatient program, scan patient relations’ barcode:

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