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Are fad diets making you HANGRY?

Do you know whether your weight is normal, obese, or underweight? Here’s a quick BMI calculator for you.

If you’re at risk of obesity, you’re not alone. There are many efforts to curb the spread of obesity. The government has obliged restaurants to tell us how many calories we’re ingesting and has taxed sweet food. Magazines have filled their pages with quick diets, promising “Two Days to Lose 2 Kg.s”

However, oftentimes, our efforts to eat half a cucumber for a whole day makes us hungry and angry: HANGRY

Nutritionist Fatima, at ALJ Hospital weighs in: when we don’t eat for a long time, our body goes into “starvation mode,” stress hormones are released; our brain’s lack of nutrients worsens our concentration; we even find it more difficult to adhere to social norms. That’s why we preach for a more holistic approach to healthy weight.

AbdulLatif Jameel Hospital knows that the journey to health takes time and patience. We know it’s hard to find easy and healthy recipes for you to get started on your journey, so we’ve partnered up with local Chefs who will each provide you with one healthy recipe for you to try !

Vote for your favorite recipe by liking it on our Instagram. The winner will receive a physiotherapy session to ease their aches.

Last day to vote: World Obesity Day - Sun 7th March, 2021

Recent studies, including the one conducted by Hruby A, show that obesity requires professional assistance because it is not only food-based, but it can be caused by biology, socio-economic background, or lifestyle. If you need to consult with a professional, reach out to us to speak with an internist or a nutritionist.

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