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HAPPINESS! – The results are in: here is what the research tells us. By: Tamara Gazzaz

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


The results are in: here is what the research tells us. By: Tamara Gazzaz

Is there anything more beautiful than a smile and the true joy that radiates within? Have you ever wondered how such joy affects you?

Well, according to research, happy people are more accomplished and have fulfilling careers. Dr Barbara Fredriksson explains: positive emotions open our minds just like certain types of lilies, which open when the light shines, and closes when darkness descends. With positive emotions we are open to positive experiences; we find the opportunities and we become more creative, and we grow smarter.

According to Dr. David Myers, author of Pursuit of Happiness, happy people tend to have 8 qualities in common.


Are optimistic:

They are energized; they are more empathetic to people’s problems; they rationalize events and give people the benefit of doubt rather than be quick to blame them.

Love themselves:

They mind their business, they don't judge, yet they are sociable and friendly.

Build relationships:

They surround themselves with positive and encouraging people

Are spiritual:

It is their system to add meaning and vitality to life’s experiences.

Have a balanced life:

They know when to work, when to relax, and the right ratio to find peace within.

Are creative:

They are good at problem solving and keep producing new ideas and learning new things.

Have personal control:

They hold themselves accountable for their own actions.

Are kinder:

They think of others more than they think of themselves. They spread happiness with their actions and help others even with small actions.

To get you in the habit, we’re sharing your submissions for what you’re grateful for everyday for 14 days on our IG account. Join and support our happiness community.

Happiness is a choice, and that choice can just mean choosing to speak up and ask for help. If you ever feel like you no longer find joy in basic things, talk to a trained professional, and let us support you on your journey to happiness.

Meet the team and book an appointment now, by Calling us on +966126770001 Ext. 4107, Whatsapping us on: +966 54 188 6991 or book using the patient portal.

About the author:

Tamara has been working to make the world a happier place since 2004. She obtained a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and the Psychology of Coaching from University of East London, and she is an accredited NLP master practitioner and earned a diploma in Transformational Coaching. Ms. Gazzaz gained experience working and researching her craft in several schools and institutes in the United Kingdom, Japan, United States and Saudi Arabia, where she worked to transform women’s lives for the better. She also volunteered with underprivileged elders and children in the UK.

Ms Gazzaz is now working on a project to empower 1000 women to let go of their past: self beliefs, negative thoughts, pain to create a life they desire… a life of happiness. 


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