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3 Easy Habits Recommended by a Physiotherapist, You Can Pick Them Up Today

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Work out right

On average, one third of your life is spent at work, and most of that time is on a chair (or sofa if you’re working from home!). So, here’s what our physiotherapist recommends:

Work Out Right

We’ve scoured the internet and found effective, safe and FREE workouts available now on YouTube and Instagram. Here’s our secret list

Home workouts:

Work Your Circle Right

According to David Burkus, you’re NOT the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. You’re the average of all the people who surround you (highlighted this cuz it can be used on IG for the article ad), That’s why, we’ve created a set of easy mobility exercises for you to enjoy with your friends, parents or even your grandparents.

7 Minute Spine Relaxation exercises

9 Minutes for Your Back and Glute Muscles

Here is a workout routine that you can follow. We cut it up if you want to do short focused exercises. Remember to STOP whenever you feel any pain, and if you have any injuries proceed with caution and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Part 1 7 Mins Spine and back. Perfect for anyone who works long hours on a desk or anyone who has a bad posture

Part 2 2 Min Abs. Learn to strengthen your core without hurting your back

Part 3 9 Mins to strengthen your back muscles

Part 4 10 Min shoulder exercises

Part 5 7 Mins to manage knee pain and strengthen your lower body

Part 6 2 Mins on arms

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