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Our facilities are divided into three programmes: 

In-Patient Rehabilitation Programme

Rehabilitation is the jewel of ALJ Hospital. Using cutting edge technology, facilities and treatment programs, we strive for best quality care by personalizing rehabilitation to the specific needs and lifestyles of each of our patients.

  • Recreational Programme

  • Volunteer Programme

All components come together to involve the patient in his/her own recovery. We also focus on educating and supporting care-givers, and family members as important components of rehabilitative care.

Out Patient Rehabilitation Programme

ALJH is committed to provide the ultimate services for holistic wellbeing for our patients Therefore, it was important for us to supplement our rehabilitation center with a state-of-the-art outpatient clinic, to cater for both our inpatients needs and to welcome outpatients who seek out our services.

According to the Ministry of Health [MOH], over 85% of seniors are cared for by their family members, and ALJH is here to help you maintain this tradition by providing a holistic medical and recreational program.

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