Dr. Ahmed Dammas Alghamdi 

Dr. Ahmed Dammas Alghamdi 

Name: Ahmed Dammas Alghamdi 

Title: Cardiologist and internist 

Email: alghamdias@alj.com


Dr. Ahmed is a leading cardiologist, internist and echocardiographer. He began his journey in Medicine after graduating from King AbdulAziz University in 1989 and proceeded to have a fruitful career for over 25 years.  

He was also nominated for the “Dr Laird Birmingham Award” for pioneering in cardiology, He was also the first Saudi cardiologist with level three training certificates in all Echocardiography modalities. 

 He earned two fellowships from the university of Toronto for cardiology and internal medicine as well as a fellowship in internal medicine from the university of British Columbia. Dr Ahmed is certified by the American, Canadian and Saudi board for cardiology and internal medicine. 

After working in top tier hospitals in Canada, Dr Ahmed returned to Saudi Arabia to work in hospitals like King Fahad’s national guard hospital in Riyadh and International Medical Center in Jeddah.

When he has time off of his busy schedule, you will find him spending time with his wife and five children, traveling and enjoying sports. Feel free to ask him about his favorite spots for vacationing.

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