Personal security:

Please notify your nurse by pressing the nurse call button if someone you do not know comes into your room. All ALJ Hospital staff must wear their ID badges at all times and must ask permission to enter your room and announce the reason for the visit and the department  they are from.


Valuables and patient private belongings:

The hospital does not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are deposited with the admission office. Please try not to bring any valuable items with you. The hospital is a public building and we cannot be responsible for valuables left in your possession. If you have no other option, please call your nurse. To request that any items be placed in the hospital safe, please inform your nurse. The nurses will document any valuables which you bring and place them in the hospital safe until discharge. He will give you a receipt which must be presented to retrieve your valuables at discharge. You are responsible for all personal property that is left in your possession. Should the property become lost or damaged, the hospital is not liable. Please do not place valuables in your linens.


Lost and found:

If you lose something during your stay, please notify your nurse immediately and he will make every effort to help you find it. A lost and found service is provided by the ALJ Hospital security department  thru operator. Articles that are found and turned in to the administrator office may be claimed after proper description and identification have been established.