Radiology Department


The Radiology Department provides services for the admission patient and out-patient clinic for 24 hours, with a highly qualified and well experienced Radiologist and X-ray Technologists.

The Radiology Department offered advanced computerized digital operational system/PACS which provide an accurate, efficient, and quick examination.


The Radiology Department consists of:

  1. Conventional Radiography/ X-ray


  • This unit is a two Shimadzu machine brand with complete digital system.


  1. Ultrasound Unit


  • Advanced set ultrasound machine for all types of ultrasound examinations and colored Doppler studies.


  1. BMD (Bone Mineral Densitometry)


  • DXA bone densitometry with new france technology is a simple, quick and noninvasive procedure. This is the most accurate method for diagnosis the osteoporosis.


  1. Mobile X-ray Unit / Portable


  • This equipment becomes necessary when a patient cannot be transported safely to radiology department due to illness or possible infection.