Physical & Hydrotherapy



The most effective way to reach the best results





A specialized & effective method of a treatment program aimed to help our patients regain their motor skills, promoting their functional life, in addition to body care.

Presenting highly qualified and professional therapists along with the optimistic therapeutic environment.

Physiotherapy Department provides all the possible facilities either technologically or professionally for both Paediatric & Adult patients, supported by highly specialized programs which reach impressive results in a short period.


In our department we treat:

Acquired Brain Injuries, Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), Rheumatology problems, musculoskeletal conditions, Spinal Cord Injuries and Amputations, in addition to other problems.




Only Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital provides group and individual programs using the most advanced technological methods, operated by a highly qualified group of medical and other vocational experts who are devoted to offer compassion and human care to all our visitors.