Patient safety




All medications you take while in the hospital are prescribed by your physician, dispensed by a licensed pharmacist and administered by a registered nurse. For your own safety, the hospital does not allow bringing or requesting food from outside, because some kind of food can cause a drug interaction and this may affect your health.



Special regulations are in effect when a patient is receiving oxygen. Electrically operated equipment, aerosol products and petroleum-based products (i.e. Vaseline® and ChapStick®) are not permitted in these areas.



Wheelchairs are available at the reception area. However, since getting in and out of a wheelchair without proper assistance could be hazardous, please ask help from a member of the hospital staff.



All accidents/falls must be reported to staff. Each  incident will be investigated in order to identify the reasons and try to avoid similar events in the future.


Use of Cellular Phone:

ALJ Hospital prohibits the use of cellular (Mobile) phones in certain areas since these devices could interfere with some medical equipment. The area where you are not allowed to use cellular phones are marked with special signs. All phones/radio must be turned off ( not on standby) when in or near those prohibited areas. Your cooperation is important to safety of all patients.


Dealing with personal electronic devices:

If you have a problem with electricity or an electrical item or outlet in your room do not attempt to fix it yourself. Please inform your nurse. Because of the potential hazard to patients and staff the use of personal electrical appliances by patients is discouraged. No electrical equipment may be brought with you, unless it is also battery-powered. Razors, radios, etc. may not be used if they must be plugged into an AC outlet. For laptops, kindly contact the charge nurse who will provide you with any needed safety instructions through liaison with the safety staff team. T

he use of extension cord and adaptors are prohibited.


Fire Precautions:

ALJ Hospital has trained professionals to handle fire situations. If a fire takes place in your area, do not panic; call the nurse immediately.


Fire and Disaster drills:

For your protection, the hospital conducts fire and disaster drills regularly and quarterly in inpatient area.. If a staff informs you of any necessary procedures, please cooperate in the drill.



Standard Precautions:

When you are admitted to the hospital, you will notice that at times the healthcare staff may be wearing gloves, masks or gown when they are caring for you or performing certain procedures on you. The use of these protective barriers has become standard throughout our healthcare system. The use of these barriers is called “Standard Precautions”. Standard Precautions are used on all patients regardless of their diagnosis. They are protective steps for their health, safety and that of the care-giver. Your family members and visitors may be Asked to use any of these protective equipments or devices for you or their protection and should comply and respect with hospital regulations and instructions.


Smoking Policy:

ALJ Hospital is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hospital premises. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the hospital building for visitors, hospital staff and patients who wish to smoke. To locate these areas, please ask staff for assistance.