Message form CEO



I do believe that working together is the secret to achieve the difficult tasks. This is what I have seen in ALJ Hospital.

It is the belief that Sheikh Abdullatif Jamil has established the hospital to be one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive physical rehabilitation services to give hope for a group of people are in a great need for support. During the previous 20 years since the hospital has started.

During the previous 20 since the hospital has started functioning we were able to deal with almost 74000 different cases with different types of disabilities.

Besides of new and advance technologies, Human factor was one of the basic concerns in this place, we do believe that developing this factor is an integral step for continuous success. We are committed to provide the highest level of client care for individuals who need medical rehabilitation services.

Through motivating the disabled to be an active part of the community, we establish our treating plan for each patient. We have also continuous cooperation with other community institutions that care of disabled which help us to reach our goals.

Together we can make a difference in life of the disabled, physically, cognitively and psychosocially. Advances in health care have enabled people to survive injuries and illnesses and to live longer than in the past. Over the next decades, the number of people with chronic illness and disability are expected to rise, increasing the need for rehabilitation.

  Although I am working in this place for more than 7 years , But I can say that there is something different in his goals , values and even services that all departments function harmoniously and dedicated to the mission of the hospital to maximize the quality of life for the disabled individuals.


I welcome you through the different pages of our electronic site.


Dr. Youssef Abdel Rahman
Chief Executive Officer