Diet Therapy



Adequate nutrition is necessary for life functions but it is of great importance in rehabilitation unit.


The roles of the Dietician are as follows:


  • Assess the nutritional status for any nutritional problems and carryout a nutritional assessment
  • Nutritional managements of patients on medical problems of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia and obesity.
  • Prevent complication associated with SCI spinal cord injuries (UTI, constipation, pressure ulcer).
  • Management of swallowing problems as associated with ABI, dietician will work closely with Speech Language. Pathologist in the provision of texture modified diet and to ensure the client meet all nutritional needs.
  • Monitor the adequacy of entered nutrition for patients.
  • Management for any client’s weight changes.
  • Provide nutritional education for patients and family prior discharge to improve health.