Affiliation and Partnership



Currently, hospital is under process to obtain accreditation of CBAHI (Central Board for Accreditation of health institutions). Its accreditation is highly requested by MOH and different insurance companies.


Hospital has significant relationship with Ministry of Health (MOH). As outstanding rehabilitation hospital in western province, we accept clients referred from MOH to receive rehabilitation treatment.


We provide rehabilitation treatment to patients referred from following companies and groups :


  1. ARAMCO : Our relationship with Aramco extends over last 15 years in accepting patients for rehabilitation program from Jeddah and Dammam and other provinces.
  2. GOSI
  3. Saudi Airlines
  4. SABIC
  5. Islamic Development Bank ( IDB )
  6. Saudi Bin Laden group
  7. Saudi Airlines Catering
  8. Insurance companies : Over the past years, relation with insurance companies became stranger and stronger through continuous communication and cooperation in handling different cases :


  • BUPA