Assignment of rooms:

Your ward and room assignment at ALJ Hospital is based upon your admitting diagnosis and the bed availability on the day of your admission.


Room types:

After considering your medical needs, you may have a choice 3 types of accommodation: suites, first class and shared rooms. Please note that medical needs will take priority over accommodation requests. The accommodation you prefer may not be immediately available, yet, we will strive to provide it as soon as possible.

Medical insurance usually does not cover the full cost of a suite or a first . If you request a private room or a suite, you will be asked to pay the room rate difference upon discharge. If you wish to change your accommodation, please ask your nurse to settle the arrangements with the admitting office.


Room temperature:

All rooms in the hospital are provided with  split-typed air-condition. If your room temperature is not comfortable, please notify the staff.


Calling your nurse:

A nurse call button is located at your bedside. When you press the button, the nurse station will be alerted that you need assistance and a light will flash above your door. A nurse will respond to the call button.



A color television is provided in your room. Please be considerate of other patients by keeping the volume low and turning it off at bedtime.



Telephone is provided in each room. Patients may receive calls in their rooms at any time. Local calls may be made at anytime from the room by dialing 9 for outside call or dial(0 for assistance. Long distance and mobile calls will be charged to your room account.


Leaving the ward:

Please check with your nurse before you leave the ward for any reason while you still admitted, because she has to call your treating physician to notify him and get his approval..